Looking for people and ideas to improve ODK entities and user access

My organisation needs a few critical components for longitudinal data collection:

  1. Differential access for users (each user should have access to data related to them)
  2. Editing, deleting entities
  3. Bulk upload of entities and form data

I was hoping to enagage resources to help us build these components. May I request you to please share your thought in comments.

I have not defined the ToRs and budget for this role. I want to understand the possibility of developing such components, with an estimate of time and cost so that we can plan.

We are willing to contribute the code back to open source community, if that helps the community.

Thanks a lot.

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Editing and deleting of entities is in progress by the core team with an expected release around the end of May.

Bulk upload of entities will be supported via API in that same release. Bulk upload of form data is currently supported via API but does require building form XML (see API docs and pyODK docs). It would be helpful to better understand why you want to upload form data and what your source data looks like.

The first item is a big one. We welcome user stories around the kind of segmenting needed. If someone wants to build a first version of segmenting I'm sure it would provide valuable insights for an implementation in the core. It is likely that segmenting based on original creator (i.e. I can only see the entities that I created) will come in the next 6 months.


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