Make blank form swipe automatically after filling in ODK Collect v1.30.1

How can I design my form to automatically swipe(move from one question to the next) in a mobile phone using ODK Collect v1.30.1? I can just swipe on the screen but I would love it to automatically swipe by itself after filling in the question. HELP ME PLEASE

Hi @muller
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there is a quick appearance that does that for you but it works only with select_one questions

What question types you would like to work in the same way?

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All my questions are select_one questions. My other problem is, in the appearance column of the select_one questions I already have minimal as an attribute, is there a way I can integrate the two; minimal and quick attributes in the same row of the select_one questions?

Yes you can combine all appearance we support, that means taking select_one as an example you can even have something like:
minimal quick columns-2 no-buttons autocomplete
and the order doesn't matter.