Make one word bold in an answer

Hi all,

This may be quite basic - but how do I make one word in a response bold? E.g one of the choices for a question is: NONE - No relevant comorbidities

How do I make just the NONE bold?

Thanks in advance!

Let's say you had a select question for colors, Your choices sheet should look like this.


Surrounding the choice with ** will make it bold. More at

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Hi Yaw,

Thanks for your response. I've tried this and it doesn't seem to work - I get the following result:



I should have been more precise,@faran_d. Styling currently only works in the mobile forms (Collect) and not in the web forms (Enketo).

Adding styling support has performance implications that aren't so easy to resolve. You can track the progress of this issue at

I've made this limitation clearer in our form styling docs.

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