Making dashboard on top of ODK central


I have made several dashboards on top of ODK aggregate for enhanced features and functionalities. ODK Central is a great tool, covering up for a lot of deficiencies for Aggregate. However, since its installation is via docker, I cannot seem to figure out a way to make custom dashboard connecting with its database as well as ODK dashboard. Has anyone tried this, or any suggestions how to do it?


Hi @Saad ,

ODK Central allows you to connect to your submission data over OData
This will then provide live-updating reports in Excel, Power BI, or Tableau.

You can create your dashboard in this way.


Hi Saad,
have you had a look at the OData service endpoints in ODK Central? If you have access to Tableau or Power BI, you can probably build some nice dashboards there.
Otherwise you could load the data through the API and build your own dashboards e.g. in RShiny.