Making it required to “Record Sound” instead of “Choose Sound”

Seeking user feedback on a small feature idea💡


When form designers add audio to their form, we give both options to "Record Sound" or "Choose Sound". However, this is a confusing user experience because we want them to record.

Proposed solution

Introduce an appearance new that can be applied to audio questions to only show the button to record new audio. This would be similar to what we do with required new images.

Let us know what you think by voting or adding your thoughts in the comments.

I'm fine with adding a new appearance that hides the Choose Sound button, but perhaps we should also consider letting people name those buttons however they'd like?

For example, if as a form designer I know this question is being used to record music, I could have it say Record music or something more fun like Grab a dope sample.

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Good point! It would be helpful to name the buttons. And for the folks who only want one primary action, they can hide the other button.