Managing translation with po files

Hi & happy new year

I am working on an opensource tool to translate xlsform using po files instead of the column (the tool will populate the translation in the column).

Do you know if it already exist ? (not found on the forum)

The issue we are facing is the change management of translation is very difficult with a single xls file because we may rely on third party translation service: it is hard to know what has been changed

the idea will be to have such file structure

  • myxlsform.xlsx
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/
  • locales/fr/LC_MESSAGES/

run the script to create an "output xlsform" with 2 set of trad in the example 'fr' & 'en'

the script will also create a pot file with all the "key" (string to be translated) found

this will improve a lot because mo file can be created with offline editor such as poeditor but also with platform such as transiflex/lokalize that can help with AI trads

Any comment, ideas on how to make it better ? would you use it ?

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one question I am facing, should I manage the translation globally of per sheets ?
i.e, two file structure would be possible:

  • myxlsform.xlsx
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/
  • myxlsform.xlsx
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/
  • locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/

fyi I am planning to support those column:
['label','constraint_message', 'required_message', 'hint', 'guidance_hint', 'title']

I may add audio/video/image but I fear that it wont be use and therefore pollute the po files

here the repo:

it seems to work, see the demo_tricc in tests and the command in .vscode/launch.json (runs when F5 is hit on vscode)