Map appearance for select : add "or_other" possibility

Hi @LN and the team.

Testing new "map appearance for select question" feature , I was thinking about something missing comparing to traditional select_one question.

How to catch an "or_other" place, which does not appear on the map ?
It would be great to be able to know it and then to show some other questions (like geopoint and text one) to create this new object. Of course this will not dynamically add a new entry to the geojson dataset.
It could be a "simple" button that returns a value we should use in "relevant" column of complementary questions.

Agreed this is likely to be common. @Ivangayton brought this up in his reflection here as well:

I would go for the first suggestion and as I wrote in that thread, I'd give instructions in the label so it's visible on the selection map.

If leaving the value blank was problematic for some reason you could do something like put a point way off in the middle of the ocean and give instructions to select that as "Other" + set its label to "Other".

This would be a possibility. It would be kind of a partial "open select" where one value that's not in the list to select from (e.g. "other") would be allowed. My preference would be to leave this up to the form designer using the suggestions above.

Ultimately what y'all want is a more formal entity concept. We are really hoping we can spend some time trying to get to a more satisfying solution on that front.

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Thank's @LN!

I should have read Ivan's reflection!
I did not remark that the label is shown on the top of the map!
A simple message in the label would be OK.