Markdown in a label or hint, too much space after text

I think I face a problem : when I want to use markdown in my form ( "# Hier" in the hint or in the label of a note) the title is followed by a big space, as if there were a line break.

Here are the screen :

and a test form :
test_markdown.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Thanks a lot,


I don't think it's a bug it's the way Html.fromHtml() interprets headers and it works in the same way everywhere even here:





just to clarify # means <h1>

Thank you for those explanations.
A solution would be too choose a lower title style (h2 or h3) but in that space does not decrease from H1 to H4

test_markdown.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Here the same form in a web (enketo) version :