Max() function in case of draw

Hi guys, just a question. i'm comparing some user input values in order to get the max value.
Example, grading three different tasks achieved using 0-10 scale. i'd like to know in which of these three the subject gets a better perfomance. max() function handles this easily, but what happen if the subject gets the same max grade in two (lets say, task1 =9, task 2 =9, task 3 =7) .

the calculated variable records both values or just captures the first being evaluated? (in this case task1)
How can you handle this "drawing" escenarios.

Best regards from Guatemala.

can you perhaps post the form - or an abbreviated version thereof - in which you are trying to do this, to provide some context. Basically, the max() function just returns the maximum value; eg the max of 9, 9, 7 is 9 [sic]. If you need to impose additional constraints of which specific maximum value was picked you'll probably need to add additional appropriate logic.