Max-pixels not working


To reduce the file size of pictures, I included the attribute max-pixels=2000 in the parameters column (as described here). However, after checking the data I realized that the pictures were still taken in the tablets' standard resolution, therefore bloating up the size of the forms immensely.

Is it possible that some tablets/phones don't understand this command?

I'm not sure about the version of ODK Collect we are using since I don't have them physically near me to check. However, when we set up the tablets in March we installed the newest version from the Google store. I would assume that this version was already higher than v1.10.0 which is necessary for the max-pixels command.

EDIT coincidentally I found this error message in the logs of Briefcase:

WARN XFormParser - XForm Parse Warning: Warning: 1 Unrecognized attributes found in Element [bind] and will be ignored: [max-pixels]

Is the error with Briefcase then? I'm using version 1.15.

I do not know exactly what it means in English. Hope the google translator gives it back correctly. In odk collect (I do not know from which version) it is possible under general settings->form management to change the image size. However, it can not be changed to 2000. Unfortunately, I do not know the function you described.

I'm German as well, so that's okay :wink: Thanks for this!

Could it be possible that only certain values are allowed? I.e. either 2048px or 1024px?

Hey @mpds, I am providing you a link and I am sure that this ODK from will help you to resolve your problem.
Here is Link: Image ReSize ODK Form


I found the "solution". It’s actually a bit embarrassing.

When I created the topic yesterday, I had only downloaded the data from the beginning of our study which used a slightly different form – one without the limitation on the picture size. The attachments I downloaded today all had the dimensions that I specified in the XLS.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your comments! :innocent:


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