Media file automate in aggregate

@dicksonsamwel do you know of a quick way to programmatically upload the optional media file?

Hello @Francis_Opiyo , can you describe more what you mean by that? You can also create a new thread and follow the guidance in describing the main problem you are facing. Also additional informations of the server and the form will be helpful.

I desire to have the upload of the media file automated (say using a Windows batch script or R code) to a form already uploaded to aggregate server. The reason is that the media file is updated periodically and I'll want interviewers to get a newer copy of the preloaded data on the following day.

Hi @Francis_Opiyo,

I have never done that using aggregate.


You can likely use the Briefcase-Aggregate to do that, but I would strongly recommend you switch to Central because Aggregate is no longer being updated.

See the Central's Draft Form API for how to update a form in Central.