Media files not being updated

Hi all,

We have a form and several media files (.csv) that we use to popup some prefilled values in the questionnaire, everything is working fine. Today we re-upload a csv media file with updated data, but we do not see any changes in the options displayed in the form, is still showing the old version we have. We simply added a few more rows to the csv file and then re-uploaded the file in the media file tab, clicked replace file and that's it, we never got an error and if we download this csv from the media files tab, we get the latest data, but this is not being shown in the form, even in the testing section. Not sure what is happening and is our first time doing it, so we do not know if we need to also re-publish the draft (which then this is a silly issue, but then why is the data not being updated also in the form for testing?), or if we need to wait sometime to see the changes reflected, or refresh something somewhere else?

Many thanks

Hi @jv

What server are you using? In ODK Central it seems to work fine. Reading this part of your comment I'm assuming it might be something else Kobo maybe?

Yes, drafts are completely isolated from published forms so that you can experiment with your attachments, form design, etc without changing anything about the published form. If you want people who already have the published form on their devices to get the updated attachment, you need to publish the draft.

Is this the web form preview? Did you try refreshing that tab?

The media file tab was renamed several versions ago to "Form Attachments." We do recommend staying close to latest Central updates if you can.