Media image pop-up based on field-list selection and boolean Show Image checked

I am working on an xlsform for the ESRI Survey123 app. Specifically, it is a bird survey app which will be used by both seasoned and novice bird surveyors. As such I would like to incorporate the option to show an image of a bird species if "Show image" is selected dependent on the choice of bird selected from a field-list.

e.g. American Coot is selected from an auto-complete, select_one field. User selects "yes" option for 'Show image' field and the image pops up (to assist novice users, otherwise the default option for 'Show image' will be "no").

Can this be done?

ForSurvey123 questions I suggest you look to ESRI support pages.

When authoring a form for ODK Collect, I think you could group a select_one asking the yes/no on the same screen as the bird species question. And then have a followup question that is relevant to only show if they answer yes and that is a cascading select with images for each answer that uses the cascade functionality to only show one answer/image (according to the answer about the bird species).

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