Memory capacity limitation of ODK Collect

Hi all, May I know the capacity of ODK Collect app? How much forms can ODK handle in a tablet? Is there a limit on this? Like 20k is the maximum forms can ODK collect handle?

Or do you have a specific specification of Tablet for ODK Collect app including its forms with data

The only limit on the number of saved forms should be the device storage. It will be hard to know how many you can save, the size for each will depend on things like the length of the form, if you are saving pictures and what size, etc.

I would want to submit before a lot of submissions are saved only to a single device. Once on the server it can be backed up. Thousands of records only a single tablet would be a huge risk. If a tablet is going to be used for a long time, you can set Collect to delete after send.


Noted! Thank you for answering my question @danbjoseph :smiley:

Risk of not yet uploaded submissions: If your enumerators leave data collection devices on the car dashboard in 50 deg C heat, they can explode and lose all non uploaded data. Ask me how I know.

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