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We are in need of an *Open Source Developer for Android Mobile Data
Collection position. *Below is the position Description and how to apply.
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*Open Source Developer for Android Mobile Data Collection Project *

JOB TITLE: Mobile Data Collection System Developer (56754-0004-01)


*ANTICIPATED START DATE: *As soon as possible


*TRAVEL: * None currently anticipated

IHRC, Inc. provides scientific, information management and administrative
program support to Federal Agencies and Commercial customers. Our client,
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requires a talented
and eager programmer/developer to engage with CDC staff to identify and
address requirements for the development of a mobile data collection
solution and to customize the Android client and configure server-side
processes to meet those requirements. Candidates are encouraged to review
the open source platform Open Data Kit (ODK, http://opendatakit.org*)* to
familiarize themselves with the toolset that is currently being considered.

The selected candidate will support the informatics needs of CDC global
health mission by:

  • Providing programming support for the development and implementation
    of a modular data mobile collection system with standardized interfaces for
    surveys and field studies.
  • Creating, designing, and testing the new data mobile collection
    system, including data aggregation, analysis, and reporting using open
    source programs.
  • Assisting with the development of electronic tools for survey
    creation, management, and administration to include but not limited to the
    • Form builder
    • Navigation logic and branching
    • Modular programming
    • Scheduling capabilities
    • Field validation / Entry constraints
    • Repeating sub-structures
    • Consolidation of relational data
    • Data analyses tools for use during and after surveys
    • Methodology for data backup and configuration management
  • Working with CDC staff and partners to set up and administer required
    servers for deployment of surveys and management of survey data.
  • Assisting with the upload of data mobile collection instruments to
  • Ensuring that the data mobile collection system is in compliance with
    government and industry standard security practices.
  • Testing device compatibility with data collection instruments
    including battery life, GPS accuracy, camera, and other peripherals.
  • Training and supporting CDC staff, international collaborators,
    visiting scientists and students.


The Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria (DPDM), Center for Global
Health (CGH), at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
conducts surveillance, investigations, and studies of parasitic diseases to
develop effective methods for the prevention, control, and elimination of
NTDs and malaria worldwide. DPDM works in partnership with federal
regulatory agencies, state and local health departments, and other public
and private organizations to strengthen regulations and policies for the
prevention of parasitic diseases, to strengthen national surveillance and
outbreak response systems, and to educate consumers and public health

DPDM regularly implements projects requiring field data collection or
technical support to external partners for field data collection.
Typically, as part of operational research or monitoring and evaluation
programs, DPDM staff and partner organizations routinely implement public
health surveys including household questionnaires and laboratory data
collection using mobile devices to facilitate data entry, processing, and
management to improve the accuracy of the data collected as existing
paper-based approaches are inefficient and prone to error when compared to
mobile phone based data collection methods.

More recently, DPDM has started to develop mobile data collections
solutions with devices operating on Android Operating System (OS) and using
software such as Open Data Kit (ODK) to develop their survey instruments.
This position will support those efforts by providing technical expertise
in close collaboration with CDC scientists. The long term goal is to
develop a reusable enterprise mobile data collection framework that will
simplify the process of initiating, developing, deploying, and managing
field data collection by CDC programs and their collaborators.



Master’s degree *or equivalent experience *within computer science or in
public health with previous experience in computer programming, software
development, and data analysis.

IHRC may exercise some flexibility in these requirements. Applicants who
possess most of the required skills, but not all, should describe in their
cover letter how they propose to acquire any missing skills.

Required Skills:

· Demonstrated experience in open source programming using Java and

· Ability to develop information systems for mobile devices such as
smartphones and tablets.

· Ability to administer server-side infrastructure for Java

· Ability to trouble-shoot and undertake self-directed learning

· Ability to manage multiple tasks and changing priorities

· Ability to work as part of a team

Other desired skills:

*1. *Familiarity or experience with Open Data Kit (ODK) for design
and deployment of survey tools, or experience developing Android apps that
collect data for local and server/cloud storage.

  1.   Demonstrated experience with database development and


  1.   Familiarity with statistical analysis software.
  2.   Excellent organizational skills and the capacity to deliver on

allocated tasks and respond in a timely manner to deadlines.

  1.   Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work.

Other requirements:

Applicant must be United States Citizen or Permanent Resident or have
authorization for employment in the United States.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit their resume and a cover letter
clearly indicating how their qualifications and experience meet or exceed
the position requirements. Indicate in the subject line of your email that
you are applying for Position “Mobile Data Collection System Developer

SEND RESUME TO: resume@ihrc.com



It is the policy of IHRC, Inc. to provide equal employment opportunities
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran
or disability status and to take affirmative action in accordance with
applicable laws and Executive Orders.

Thank you.

Ramesh Tasker,* MBA, PMP*

Director, Information Technology Business

IHRC, Inc.

  • 2 Ravinia Dr., Ste 1750 Atlanta, GA 30346 Phone: (678) 615 3220, Ext 18*

FAX: (770) 559-6352

E-mail: ramesh_tasker@ihrc-inc.com

Web Address: * www.ihrc-inc.com http://www.ihrc-inc.com/*

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