MicroStrategy | A Unified Platform for Enterprise Analytics, Mobile, and Security

“One BI style will satisfy all business users,” is just one misconception
companies are making when deploying BI systems today.


Microstrategy Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of Business Intelligence, reporting needs
    and difference between OLAP and OLTP
  • Learn how to Install MicroStrategy https://goo.gl/w7sNwYon your
    system and implement various hierarchical functions like drill-up and
  • Get familiar with MicroStrategy https://goo.gl/w7sNwYdesktop and its
    version types
  • Know multiple types of objects- schema object, application object and
    configuration object
  • Initialize desktop, run sample reports and navigate through the
    desktop tool
  • Create filter reports and understand prompts and filter definition
    prompts in MicroStrategy
  • Learn how to build link from HTML to dashboard using this BI tool
  • Gain deeper insights into MicroStrategy Administration Architecture
    https://goo.gl/w7sNwY and its various components
  • Create ODBC connection and server definition using MicroStrategy
  • Understand IServer and how to start and restart it from Command line
  • Know the difference between Cubes and Caches
  • Learn how to create Intelligent Cubes, monitor them and perform
    incremental refresh using MicroStrategy https://goo.gl/w7sNwYtechniques
  • Know merits and demerits of local caching and MicroStrategy
    distribution services- Transmitters, Devices, Generic Email device, User
    and Contacts
  • Understand MicroStrategy https://goo.gl/w7sNwYsecurity Model,
    warehouse authentication and applying filters on attributes
  • Create data mart reports, personalize them and edit the subscription
  • Gain understanding of Narrowcast Server, Narrowcast Administrator,
    Server components, Updating repository and MicroStrategy
    https://goo.gl/w7sNwYObject Manager

Start learning Microstrategy https://goo.gl/w7sNwY from basics to advance
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