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The question I'm asking will probably be easier to understand if I explain the information I want to gather.

We want to know which supplements a person has taken, how often, and at what dosage, using pictures to identify the supplement.

Right now I have a question "which supplements did you take?" set as a select_multiple with the choices being the pictures. Is there a way to have a "minimal" appearance drop down box underneath each picture? Or a way to show the pictures of supplements vertically in a grid with a column for how often it was taken and another column for dosage?

I was going to have a frequency question ("how often did you take this supplement?") with restrictions so that it only appears if they select each supplement:

"how often did you take Jamieson folic acid?" with restriction ${supplement_pic} = 'Jamieson_FA'

however, there are 28 supplements so that would leave a lot of noise in our data.

Please help! Thanks in advance!

Why not try making this into leading question where in, once they choose a particular picture, they will be taken to next set of questions where your questions on How Often, starts.

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Try checking if this will help you. I haven't explored this personally, though I have it my cards to explore soon. Hope this logic flow helps.

Thank you!

I would do this, but they could select more than one supplement. Is there a way for the next screen to reference the answers to the first if there's more than one without having 28 potential answers in our data?

The complex example is exactly what I'm trying to do, thank you!! I just don't want there to be 28 lines of potential follow up questions when analyzing our data, I think it would make analysis way more difficult/time consuming because it's part of a much larger questionnaire!

for example, if I were to follow this I would have:
how often did you take 1? restriction: ${supplement_pic} = '1'
How often did you take 2? restriction: ${supplement_pic} = '2'
how often did you take 3? restriction: ${supplement_pic} = '3'

I hope this makes sense!

What about something like this:
testSelect.xlsx (7.3 KB)

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Could you teach me the basic of what jr formulae do? I have gone thru the materials but somehow i seem to have a disconnect on understanding it. jr comes in a loop condition, right?

It's a function

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