Missed IDs in Downloading

Hello all,
I have one challenges since I am downloading data from web the IDs for School are empty, I already use jr:choice-name(${school_id}, '${school_id}') to collect the IDs for school automatically, it's working through data entry via both web and android devices, but when I am downloading the data for analysis the IDs are missed I would appreciated if any one could support me. please see attached file I was downloading for analysis
SamimCopy of Hub School Assessment - latest version - English - 2019-01-29-09-47-59.xlsx (16.9 KB)

Hi @Samim can you also attach the survey XLSForm? And what server are you using?

@Samim as @danbjoseph mentioned above, it depends on your XLS form and the server you are using. Since your data has only 14 entries, for a remedy as of now, I would propose you manualy allocate the IDs to the schools.
N/B: Next time before sharing data like this, please anonymize identifiers such as school names, GPS coordinates, names if there are any etc to be compliant with open access and data protection regulations.