Missing ODK forms

I collected research data using the ODK collect forms (android application) using Samsung Tablets last year (2018). After data collection, the forms were then sent to our server and gave a prompt message (sent).
Since last year we never used or logged into the system. Recently, I logged into the system and couldn’t find any forms that were sent on 26 November 2018. Please advise whether it is still possible to find these form, and what is needed in order to recover them?

if you can't find the forms/data then you might be logged on to a wrong server (that's if you have multiple instances) or the data is deleted..

Hi @Sandile_Khuboni,

I would like to welcome you to the forum.

The information that you have provided i find it to be incomplete. Can you provide more info on the issue so that the community can advice. Information such as which system was configured with the odk collect ? Were you the one who configure the system?
Do you still have access to the devices that were used for data collection? If you have them, can you preview the forms with data in the device?