Missing username in enketo webform/aggregate even if anonymous access is disabled

we are collecting data via Enketo webforms (v2.3.6), integrated in ODK Aggregare (v2.0.5). The anonymous access has been disabled, and users received their username and passwords to access the forms.
However, in few cases the username is not collected and the data show "username not found".

Is there any known similar issue? Is it possible that the form is accessed without username even if anonymous access is not allowed?

In my case, I always need to enter credentials, so, I could not reproduce the problem myself. I tried from different browsers and devices. If I switch to full private mode, the form does not work at all (e.g. in Firefox), so that in any case username should be always collected, unless someone has been able to access the form without entering login credentials.


Hi @alfonso,

Thanks for reporting this. The username is stored in a cookie. It's possible, though a little unlikely perhaps, that the user deletes that cookie. Or perhaps, some browser setting removes/prevents those cookies without using private mode.

Coincidentally, we have been discussing a different approach of passing that information (that also works with other authentication methods that Enketo supports). Thought this work is unlikely to happen soon, this would be another good reason for doing that.

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Hi @martijnr

Thank you! I will try to experiment removing cookies as well, and asking the user if something happened with the browser.

All the best!

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Hi @martijnr, a short update on this. I found out that the missing username issue happens if one saves the form in the cache and load it again.


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Thanks @Alfonso,

That's strange because the username would populate upon first load (and not be touched after that when re-loading a draft record). Will check it out. You can track it here: https://github.com/enketo/enketo-express/issues/207