Modify Form Before Open in ODK

Hi Team,

I am new in odk and Im creating an android application.
My question is How to edit or modify the form before odk open it? I need to put some data of the user like name on one of the question in the form and then open it in odk.

Thank you so much for you help.

Hi @richard1
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Building your form you can use defaults maybe?

Is that what you need?


Sorry, this is my first time. Im a developer from philippines. How can achieved this in android development? I mean Im creating an mobile app which uses the odk. Once the user is login in my application it automatically fill up the firstname and lastname question base on the person who logged in in my application. Sorry if my question is a little bit confusing. Hope you still understand. Thank you

If you are a developer just investigate how we do that username/phone number/email. We allow setting those values in General Settings -> User and device identity -> Form metadata and then those values might be used in a form automatically:

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