Modifying ODK Collect v2022.4

We've been using ODK Collect since 2018 and using the old version.

We have modified the source code so that upon the installation of the .apk, the forms are available even without using "get blank form". It's directory from the source code is "collect_app>assets>forms"

Planning to do this again for v2022.4 but upon checking, the forms are inside the project/s.
So where is the directory of the projects and forms now? and is the previous setup still possible?

Thank you

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I think the change that is affecting you is described here:

I don't know the answer to your question about if your previous setup is still possible.

Have you looked at the option for configuring Collect to automatically download forms:

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Yeah, it is related to that update. Thanks.

The automatic downloading of forms might affect the saved forms, if I uploaded a new form in the Aggregate with the same name as the old form. The collect app will get an error with the two form names with different versions. This is a minimal problem if the end users are quite knowledgeable on using smartphones, but in our case, sadly it is not.

That's why we ended up with the solution to integrate the forms with the source code. I hope it's still possible in the latest version. Thanks