Monthly ODK training for members in Nigeria

Greetings all, for community members in Nigeria, Reverton.Net will begin a monthly training/experience sharing from September 2019.

Interested community members should contact me via mail: or respond to this post here.

The aim is to assist community members in starting up with odk build and xlsform. This would be a physical meeting in Abuja, Nigeria.

Thank you.


Wow! That's a great move! Well-done

Hello. I will be interested in attending the training and also the physical meeting in Abuja.

I can give training remotely if you think then.

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This week we are training 2 people on ODK coding. Our approach is to introduce trainee through the difficult step "xlsform". We want them to understand data types, constraint, calculation and how to control appearance. It's been fun having them around. For next batch, please send me a one page CV and reason why you want to learn to ODK. This will help us in using use cases similar to your work. Send me to

Hi. Are these training courses free of cost? How long do they last?

@bridgestopeace yes to those who are members of this group. We allow them come into the office as many times as possible until they can begin their ODK projects.

Hello @reverton, is there any opportunity for remote learning/training for one who has started working on ODK project?

@SopeO, we are creating online learning platform but this won't be ready until 1st week in December.

@reverton, thanks for your response. I hope I don't miss out on this when the date is decided, so I can participate.

Dear All,

Please join this group for ODK free classes. Only for beginners.