Multi barcode configuration to. Skip checksum

am trying to configure POS in odoo for a butchery shop,

the scaled meat products come from the scale with a priced barcode

but it has two checksum,

for example


which is divided as follow

02 (department code) 0001 (product ID or known as PLU) 5 checksum for the weight 0256 (price of the mean which is 2.56) 7 is the barcode checksum digit,

in this situation, the weight checksum in the middle has ten possibilities from 0 to 9

and the last checksum also has ten possibilities from 0 to 9

these two checksum make 10 x 10 = 100

which means 100 multiple barcodes for a single type of meat,

the butchery has like 40 meats, sheen, Tbone, checking .... etc

then 100 x 40 = 4000 barcodes,

loading them in the POS system makes it very slow,

is there a way to configure the Barcode Nomenclatures to ignore transmitting both

check sum and read only the product ID and the price. ?