Multi-select questions with an other option

Hi Mike,
I would recommend putting the specify other question on a page following
the select question rather than in a field list with it. Collect doesn't
support reactively changing questions in a field list while it's visible.

··· On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 4:26:39 PM UTC-7, Michael Stevens wrote: > > ALCON, > > A little help please. I'm trying to add an 'other' option in a > multi-select field. When I direct the relevance to prompt a new field with > free text to specify what the "other" is, the operator has to swipe to the > next screen and then swipe back in order to see free text field... > suboptimal. > > I've included the xml and xls for reference. > > Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated. > > Mike > >