Multiple Choice Filter & 'AND'

hey everyone, need some help if anyone has time.

I am currently using a multiple choice filter of selected(${VARIABLE},filter) in order to get a list of choices which I have selected previously.

However in this choice filter, I want the option of 'other' to ALWAYS appear. No matter the choices before hand. And then if 'other' is selected then I want this to take you to a text option so it can be filled in.

Is there a way of using selected(${VARIABLE},filter) choice filter with the AND rule to always show 'other' option?

any questions let me know


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How many filters are there? Would it be reasonable as a workaround to create an "other" option for each of the possible filters?

| list_name |   name    |     label     | filter |
| items     | bible     | The Bible     | book   |
| items     | koran     | The Koran     | book   |
| items     | lion_king | The Lion King | movie  |
| items     | mulan     | Mulan         | movie  |
| items     | sunflower | Sunflower     | plant  |
| items     | tulip     | Tulip         | plant  |
| items     | other     | Other         | book   |
| items     | other     | Other         | movie  |
| items     | other     | Other         | plant  |

Then the next question would be type=text and have a relevant= selected(${previousQuestionName},'other')

You can add a choice that has the name, filter, and label as "other" and then you can use a choice filter like this:

selected(${VARIABLE}, filter) or filter='other'

Then the next question would be type=text and have a relevant= selected(${previousQuestionName},'other').

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