Multiple choice in cascade

Hi ODK community,
can us multiple choice in Cascade?
if yes can help me?
thank you for your attention.
P.S. Sorry name label in Georgian :slight_smile:
cascade_ODK.xlsx (113.3 KB)

Yes you can. Just make the question type "select_multiple"

Sorry noel but it didnot work in my form.
cascade_ODK.xlsx (56.3 KB)
multipole choice works only on firs

It is possible but you have to use selected() function. Here is a sample form:
fridah.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Thank you for your attention.
I solved the mentioned problem using " begin_repeat". Everything works can see: .
Sometimes I use this platform because "ODK Central" us for some month and a bit difficult to manage in "times of frequent change" That's why I use sometime Kobo.
But when I load or questionnaire to kobo app on mobile have shows me an error (same on ODK app):

Haven't managed anything yet. sorry for my English
If have time and can Check it out : Q1 (exp; 100088110 and V.2.1 = პროგრამ
Byłbym wdzięczny gdybyś znalazł czas