Multiple choice question score calculation

I am calculating multiple choice questions score

Its give single choice score but If I select two choice then no score calculated

If you are using a select_multiple question, then you really need to be using the selected() function to check whether each option has been selected or not. Try something more like:

if(selected(${q2_e5},"1"),1,0) + if(selected(${q2_e5},"2",1,0) ...

Yes, I have tried this one. It is working if we select only single options, once we select two options then it is not working.

Can you please post your XLS form to try out, thnx.

Multiple selection calculation.xlsx (17.3 KB)

My dear friend, it is working perfectly - if(selected(${q2_e5},"1"),1,0)
Thank you so much.