Multiple forms from Collect to same Sheets workbook

dear members,
I am using odk form with google drive-googlesheet, I want to connect many forms to one workbook of google sheet(form1 to sheet1, form2 to sheet2, ........) the first sheet is working, but when I send my form to the second sheet, it give me a message that the sheet is missing all over columns of the form, so is it possible to connect many forms to the same google sheet?
share your experience
thanks in advance

Hi Adil! We currently only support one form to one workbook. It's unlikely that we'll change that behavior because if we eventually want to support repeats, we'll need to submit repeat data to different sheets.


Hi @Adil

Just a quick tip. You could publish all the forms you need to use individually to workbooks and ensure you opt to publish all existing and new data.

Create another workbook and on separate worksheet pull data from the individual forms you have published, using Data> From other sources option in excel.

You can then write numerous functions that reference the data in all other forms and the good news is you can use the workbook both online and offline.

Note: You should not edit or tamper/touch the data in the published worksheets in any way or you break the connection and your data will stop working.

Hope that helps as an alternative solution.