Multiple relevant logics

Hello I have Survey with two relevance
my two relevance are
${cabinetaround}=1 or selected(${revisitmenu},'7')
if they make full survey the field agent receive question if the are cabinet around cabinetaround or if it revisits and he choice cabinet revisit but after I ask him if the cabinet has a plan
in my xls, I putt this relevant

(${cabinetaround}=1 or ${revisitmenu}=7) and $ {cabinet_plan}!=1

but when I convert to XML file I receive an error about it

cabinearound is select_one yesno
revisitmenu is select_multiple

Can anybody help me

make sure you dont have a space between '$' and '{'

Also, it would be helpful posting what the reported error was.

Hello @Xiphware

Thank you it was the space between the $ and {
I didn't see it :sweat_smile::joy: