Multiple select question

I would like to know how to get the number of options which are not selected. For example a list of options is coming from a csv and the number of options listed varies according to the name selected.
So i would like to display an error message if an enumerator selects few options than required.

Hi William,

I've not used external lists yet in my deployments, but using typical choices the xlsx Form command in the constraint's column would look like:

count-selected(.) < 4 -------> "Select up to three responses"
count-selected(.) > 1 -------> "Select at least two responses"

Hope this helps.


Hi Lloyd
Thanks that also an option.
But is there a way i can get the number of choices in a multiple select even before choosing one.

I think if you use count(${my_select}) it might return the number of choices. Try it in a small form and report back what you find!