My data shown in submission admin (incomplete Submission) under form management


I have developed a survey in which i incorporate a image widget [apperance new] and response is not required, but when i sync data to ODK Aggregate (Google App Engine) data transfer to incomplete submission into submission admin under form management.

i'm using ODK Collect and ODK Aggregate in Google App engine

i have also test this issue, when i submit form without image data transfer to incomplete submisssion otherwise main data set..

could you please provide me the solution. or advice how can i choose mark as complete for multiple forms..

Thanks in advance..


Hi, when you get forms in 'Submission Admin' always is a file missing or something like that.

The solution for my was use "Manually Upload Submision Data", copy the geoodk/instance/folder to the PC.

Upload the XML
Upload again de XML with 20pictures (depend of the size of the pictures)
Upload again the XML and other 20 pics....

When you upload all the pictures, automatically the form "travel" to 'Submissions' and all is in the server.