My post is flagged as spam

I trying to help you all debug an issue with authentication between ODK OIDC and the Authentik identity provider.

My topic is now flagged as spam!?!? #thankyouai

Can you fix that?? I was making pretty good progress on this.

Hi @brian_252, there's an automated spam detection function and sometimes there's a mistake. All flags are reviewed by a human, and it can sometimes take a little bit of time for one of the moderators to get to it. It looks like the flag on your post has been rejected and it's back up?

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The topic is visible, but I can't comment on it. Apparently it doesn't like a couple comments :slight_smile:

I've promoted your account from "new user" to "basic user" to hopefully reduce the chance that you get flagged again. If it does continue to happen, we'll try to review and remove the flags expediently.

That's great because I also hit my number-of-replies-per-day limit.