Naming a saved form (instance_name)

I have an XLS form, I want to name the instance name to be a field in the form e.g ${ptid} and name of form e.g enrollment name.
the bit of the name of form is disturbing me.

i have tried
in the form creating a field note e.g ${note1)
then in instance_name typed

concat(${ptid},' - ', ${note1})

But has refused to work
Anny help will be much appreciated

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Can you say more about how it is not working? I notice that you have a "smart quote" in concat(${ptid},’ - ', ${note1}) -- you should be sure to use concat(${ptid},' - ', ${note1}) instead.

If that wasn't the problem, do describe what you see when you try the form and attach a reduced form that shows just the problem.

Thanks this works