Need advice on server cloning activity

Hi Everyone,

We are using ODK Central that is hosted on Oracle based Linux system. Due to company policy we need to retire that server and make it clone on new server which will same configuration. We are using custom postgres database server that is also hosted on same server. We know like we can clone that server but we want to make sure of below concern and also wanted to take advice for right approach.

1. Is server cloning is right approach or Is there any other way??
2. Is there any pre activity or post activity that we should take care??.
3. Is there any chance of losing data or form linking??


I would recommend fully testing the clone before deleting the old server. If you are using a custom postgres database, that complicates people giving advice or helping you troubleshoot - since it is less likely that people have done the same thing.

Do you have specific questions about part of the cloning workflow that you are planning? Once you try it, if you encounter an issue, maybe you can post the issue here?

The ODK team strongly recommends using the Postgres server that is bundled with Central. However, as you are using a custom server, once you have completed the process, it would help the community if you post back here with details about your process about your experience. Good luck and thank you.

Thank You @danbjoseph.

One option could be to fresh-install new server, pull the data from old server via briefcase, push the same data into the new central server, and you will have less hassle.

However, you might need to take care of some critical network elements, like IP address/domain name, etc.

And yes, the weblinks would change.

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