Need assistance to create a select field with an option to add a new list item


I have a select list for an industrial location. For example,

  • Boiler room
  • Front office
  • Warehouse dock 1
  • Warehouse dock 2

The idea is that the engineer will select from the available list. But occasionally there will be a new location they need to inspect which is not on the list. In this case they will need to be able to specify a new location.

The ideal solution is that the engineer could BOTH create AND select a new list item, which would then form part of the select list for any future form visits.

A less attractive but potentially workable solution is that they could somehow select the 'other' item, for example, and that this would then give them the ability to enter a custom text description which would later have to be picked up at head office and a list item manually created from it for future visits.

I am wondering if somebody more experienced could offer me guidance please with the best solution (if any) for this problem, otherwise I may have to look at other alternatives to ODK Collect which would be a shame. Thanks in advance.


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Hi this would work thankyou.

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