Need Dari translations added to forms for old Collect fork

Hello all! I need an ODK form design ninja to help me out with some forms that need Dari (subtag "prs") translations added (I already have the translations). The translations sent by our team in Afghanistan read right-to-left, but when pasted into the form, they read left-to-right. Based on the limited research I was able to do this morning, I think it will require using images for the questions and responses. I will also need this person to put together a 1-2 page SOP with screenshots for the end users (in English) on how to properly load the images into the phone memory, assuming the image-based Qs are the way to go and it requires manual upload of image files. In terms of job size, there are 162 entries that will need proper displays and 4 forms total. This needs to be complete by Sunday, Sept 2nd, in the morning, preferably by Saturday afternoon. If all goes well and the price is fair, this could turn into repeat work.

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