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<I have one question. I got two questions(Name and position of respondent), this respondent will be asked or any other person through one interview. So when the first person is asked his name and position will be entered. For the next section if the first respondent is not available another person will be asked. So there is a question asking about "Is the respondent the same person"? If it's NO the new person name and postion will be entered. Here is my question, If it is YES it skips those two question since it's the same no need of entering the name, but i want to do a logic If it is YES i want the name comes automatically. Can you help me with this?

Hello @Yordanos,

If I understood correctly, you want to recap the names used previously... if so, you can achieve it by casting the answer of a previous question into a label of a second question.

Assuming you have variables ${names} and ${position} for the names and position of first person respectively, then in the third verification questions that reads Is the respondent the same person change this label to Is the respondent the same person as ${names} [${position}] this will bring the names and position in your next question.

Careful with the position variables, if you set it to be select_one, then you might want to use calculate to retrieve the label jr:choice-name() can handle that for you

Hoping it helps,
Jules R

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Hello @yordanos,

I would add this constraint.... ".>900000000"

Since you use a nine digit number, if you know more of how the operator distributes the number, you could increase or decrease the number

Hoping it helps,

Jules R