Need help on installing ODK Aggregate

I am Collins Mukhala from Malawi, running my own consultancy firm in the name of QuantmetriX Research Services. I am new to ODK and following my search on google and reading notes and watching videos on installation of ODK Aggregate, I have been able to do set up an application engine on google developers cloud platforma and started install ODK Aggregate following all the steps quite well up to the very end and it tells me, application restricted on this computer. i was using ODK Aggregate version 1.4.7 windows installer on a LENOVO laptop running Windows 8. Professional. The security setting in my google account are already turned on. I am wondering what the problem could be and wondering if the forum can help me.

Hi Collins,

Welcome to the ODK community! Of course, we will be able to help you with installation, if you provide some more details regarding the issue. What else does your error message says apart from what you have mentioned? Have you checked your Security software or Firewall settings? And if possible, you may share the screenshot of the screen you are experiencing the issue with.


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I get those two screen shots. The Windows Firewall on my laptop is turned on.


Hi @MukhalaC

Looks like a Windows user permissions issue. Try re running the installer as an administrator.

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Thanks, I am trying that but I downloaded an installation copy version 1.4.15 yesterday. Is this the latest copy? the one i have been trying to install is version 1.4.7 which i downloaded in 2015.

I I still meet problems, I will always ask for help.

My appreciation @ Ronald_Munjoma

Tried but it is looking for Java Runtime Environment 1.5, which is archived I beliede. i always update my laptop, and there is 1.8. with thgis, will other functionalities that were using 1.8 work?


I am trying to find ways to resolve the issue. Please try the checklist below:

  1. Update Java and restart your laptop.
  2. disable your antivirus, other security applications and firewall settings temporarily
  3. Try to run the installation process and during installation right click on the Aggregate.exe file and run as administrator
  4. If that works, reactivate your security settings.



Thanks Imran. i will exploit all help you are providing. I have been trying and nearing being success. Today, I installed an old version of JRE (1.4.1) and was able to near completion, being asked to log in to my gmail account for a token. I think I am getting there.


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Did you end up getting this to work, Collins?

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Yes, I got to that extent but the token is such a long code like and I tried several times and could not. I know, I was missing some figures/letters of the token. i then abandoned. I am in the process of learning and know the processss now. Once I get my next research consultancy job, I will do it but at the mean time i am teaching myself how to build a form 9questionnaire) using XLForm and ODK Build Offline.

I have used SurveyCTO as survey enumerator and got keen interest to know how to install, design form and deploy and retrieve data. I think I am getting there.

Much appreciation for your help team.

That's great, Collins! When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

And we've been putting together more and more docs at so if there is anything you'd like to see added, please file an issue at so we can add it!

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I can help you for setting up your server on google app engine. We can setup a Skype Chat and then we can complete server setup for you.
I want to make a video tutorial of setting up google app engine server, however, i am running on low internet connection so I cant make that now I'll make that in next week.
So, either we can setup call this week or i can share video tutorial to you in the upcoming week.

Hi Collins,

When you have time, please write more details about the problem and how you solved it. This will be helpful for the documentation purpose.

Thank you & good luck,


@Stalker, I really appreciate you going above and beyond to help!

But, if you can, please work as much in public as possible and not on Skype. This is important because in the same way that you’ve learned from the public conversation that exists on the forum, others too benefit from your public conversation.

A couple of good ways to do that is to:

  1. Help over Skype chat, but update this topic with the help you provided so others can learn from it.
  2. Find out what Collins is struggling with and file an issue at so we can improve it.

@yanokwa i will not make any skype call, I will make this for public domain as Give Back to Society. As we are leaning things and as much as we can speard it will be great for us and for society.

I am learning how to use github once i'll learn then i will post issue.

Work on ODK for Serve to Society is one of my motto.


Thanks Stalker, I would appreciate your help. My Skype handle is but I don't have adeqaute data bundle right now. Monday or Tuesday, i will load adequate bundle.
I am looking forward to the video. My email address is and my WhatsApp number is +265 994 816266 (Malawi)

Once I will make the video, I will upload that video on youtube so that will be free. @MukhalaC we need to discuss in public so that can be the benefit for all user as we are working in open source.

@MukhalaC please find out my tutorial on how to setup ODK on google cloud app engine. It's on you tube.

Hi @ Stalker,

You can upload directly to youtube. The link doesn't work for me.
Thanks for your efforts.


@nada_gh please tell ne now are you able to see this?
Below is link:

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