Need specific questions to be displayed (filtered) depending on previous question

Hi everyone,

I have designed a form that collects data on fish landings at the beach. Please read the following steps to understand my issue.

The user reaches a question where a fish species must be selected from a list.
Then the user must select how the fish is transported to the beach (either in bowls, or individually)

If the user selects 'in bowls', then I only want 2 questions to show:

-Enter then number of bowls (an integer)
-Enter the weight of one bowl (a decimal)

If the user selects 'individually', then only one question should follow:

-Enter the total weight of the individual fish (a decimal)

The endrepeat command is then put into the form and the app should move to back to the select species screen.

Currently all questions are being shown and I am not sure how to filter specific questions depending on whether bowl or individual is selected.

I attach the form so you can see what it looks like at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Francestest.xlsx (61.2 KB)

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They way you design form in excel it's like, the sequence of running this form is missing.
If you have any paper form in which you already write skip pattern that will be more help to resolve a problem.
Like which whom you will ask below 2 question?
imageYou fished yesterday?
You fished before yesterday?

With every user and what if a user will say that he will say no in both question.Then what will be your next question?


Hi Narendra,

The questions are based on FAO theory which I have pasted below.

For now however, please could I ask you to respond to the question I posted if you have a solution?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Horizontal sampling (PAB). The easiest way to collect information on the average number of fishing days is to include a few questions on this in the CAS. The fishers know how many days they went out in the previous week, so simply asking them if they went fishing yesterday, before yesterday and how many days they went fishing in the previous week will suffice . This is called horizontal sampling for fishing effort The term “horizontal” is conventional and derives from the fact that the monthly fishing trips of a vessel are usually charted horizontally.
PAB= (Today=1+Yesterday (yes=1)+Before yesterday (yes=1)+number last week)/10
This system is the cheapest as only one survey is being implemented further this system is essential for gear based sampling systems.

Please find my solution.
fish_v2[1].xml (70.0 KB)
fish_v2.xls (258.5 KB)



That works perfectly! Thank you so much Narendra!

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