Nested repetitions

It is possible to do repeats nested in with Opendata KIT. I have a complex survey that has several levels of repetitions is this possible?

hi Lopez
Yes it is posible, if you can come clear with an example of your survey we will be able to help you out.


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Hi @antuam

Yes, it is possible. You can find more about it here and in the forum. While searching don't forget to Introduce yourself here!

If you have a specific question, problem or difficulty working with repeat groups do not forget to include a clear example of what you are doing and what do you expect to achieve as @Fabla pointed out.

hello, thank you for answering, it turns out that I have a survey for building censuses and economic directories, first I have the location data of the building then for each building houses and inside the houses I can have economic directories, I would have a relation of a building to many houses and each house several directories, I can have relationships of this type ?, I was testing survey123 but most of all it works for flat surveys, does not handle nested relationships.

hi @antuam
can you share with us a sample of your work or the diagram follow of your data, it will help us get a clear picture of your work and how to help you solve it.