Nested reps

I need to know if odk allows nested reptiles to be made. I have a survey form where I want to implement nested repetitions, for example a house can have many Families and each Family has 1 or more people example:

I would like the nested repetition to be linked to your "Father Viviendas" so that each record in the parent repetition has its own "Familias Families" repetition that is not associated with any other record in the Padre Parentes repetition.

Can you please help me to implement this type of survey?
I leave an example file in excel of what I intend to implement.

Greetings, I hope your help
example_survey_nested_repetitions.xlsx (20.9 KB)

The form you have linked to seems to be an example of what you would like. Did you try the form in ODK Collect and confirm that it does what you want (instructions: Have you tried adapting it for your needs? Did you run into any specific problems?