Nesting grouping and repeat appearing in view?

Hi all,
I have set up my xls form and upload it into the server and then, but the surprise is the couple of answers in the begin group nested in the repeat instruction is not coming with the set of data in CVS format. When I proceeded my investigation I have discovered that data are in the server but hidden in the column corresponding to the repeating instruction column. the later is appearing with " view" label. Once I click on the view button I can see the missing data that I cannot dowload. The server used is odkaggregate Iam using ASUS andoid 7.0 device and ODK collect V1.26.1.I have tried to fetch data form the view button but they are read only mode. So I attach my XLs file for any assistance (in french language)
thank you in advanceMobaT2 Questionnaire Etude Maraicher Marais .xls (33.5 KB)

Hello @Arsene,

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Concerning your issue, data under the repeat group cannot be accessed if you export the data as csv, instead, export data as JSON file and then convert it back to csv or excel using any online converter, i.e.

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Hi Imran,
I am very thankful to your contribution. Very helpful.

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