New Kinyarwanda translation for Collect - process?


We are considering contributing a Kinyarwanda (rw) translation to Collect. I've already registered on Transifex and downloaded the English strings to get them translated.

Is it possible to enable the language so we can then upload the translations?

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Hi @Yann_Jouanique
We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread.

I've just accepted your request on Transifex. Thanks for contributing!

Thank you, this is perfect!

Sorry, I realize I logged in with a new account - here was my intro under a different name! Introduce yourself here! - #1264 by yjouanique

Hello @Grzesiek2010 @Matthew_White my team has been working on the Kinyarwanda translation over the past few months and has been happy with their progress, it looks complete now on Transifex - although missing a few new strings from last week - but certainly good enough to be integrated in an upcoming release!

I'm a little unclear on the process to integrate those now - the steps look simple enough but I'm not sure if an automated process will pick those up or if a manual PR is needed to update all the strings...?

Can you guide me a bit on this?



Your translations have been added to ODK Collect and it will be a part of the upcoming release. So you just need to keep translating if there are new strings.

Thanks for doing that!

Perfect, thanks a lot!

Any idea when we could expect that release?

At the end of this month if nothing bad happens.


Bonjour @Yann_Jouanique and thanks for making Kinyarwanda translations happen! I want to add that you can review translations in context by trying out the beta. I'll update those today or tomorrow.

In general, we update any translations available on Transifex when doing most betas and all releases. You can follow how betas are going and when releases are likely to go out by subscribing to the pre-release category.

Cool thanks for the tip!