New mobile data collection resource:

Hi all,

let me share with you a very interesting website that has been recently published by TdH (Terre des Hommes) and CartONG, and that will be an interesting resource for learning:

Please find here the original message from the 2 NGOs:

Dear all,

CartONG & Terre des hommes (Tdh) are very pleased to announce the launch of the website, which aims at supporting capacity building in data mobile collection (MDC) among humanitarian and international development actors.

This website is structured around a "MDC Toolkit" composed of more than 40 tools and tutorials, covering all MDC phases and published under an open source license. It is combined with a "Data Visualisation Toolkit" whose purpose is to help field staff improve their data visualisation practices (may be found in the "Analyse your data" section).

CartONG & Tdh have also published their work documentation on personal data protection. A "Data Protection Starter Kit", as well as an auto-evaluation tool and 12 tutorials created for the use of field delegations, are thus also available on this website.

Committed to collaborative working, CartONG & Tdh welcome your feedback in regard to what has already been published, and we are interested in your suggestions about ways to improve the tools and tutorials. You may send your comments directly to the 3 Project Coordinators via our online contact form:

· Maeve de France – IM/MDC Project Manager at CartONG

· Francesco Frezzetti - IM Advisor at Tdh

· Nicolas Füllemann - ICT Programme Manager at Tdh