* new: submit data to Google Maps Engine, pictures to Picasa, and host form definitions on Google Drive (no need for ODK Aggregate). Contributed by Nafundi

Where can I find out more about how to use the features mentioned in this release note?


OK, I loaded a form of mine that also has some supporting media files to my Google Drive to give it a try to load and send forms using Google Drive instead of Aggregate.

What I observed from my test...

The release enables pulling forms from Google drive but with no support adding media files or csv files

How I did it...

  1. I changed my general settings on Collect to point to my Google drive.

  2. did a Get Blank Form and browsed to find my form on Google Drive.
    Issue 1 [But it did not let me add my supporting media files.]

  3. Then I completed my simple form and tried to Send Finalized Form.
    The send ends in an error...
    Issue 2: [must declare project id in either google maps engine or in the form]

Is this an added feature to allow limited capability for replacing Aggregate function with Google Drive function? Or am I missing something that results in the two issues.

The reason I ask is that I would like to use Google Drive or some other cloud service to feed forms to Collect and send completed forms from Collect back to the cloud drive instead of using Agreegate. Is this the answer?

If so....

  1. What needs to happen in the code to support adding supporting media?
  2. What needs to happen in the code to support copying the instance directory of the completed form to Google Drive?

Maybe I am just doing something wrong to cause the not being able to add the media and error on send.

But if not... is addition of code to resolve these two issues planned to happen soon?

Could we add the missing function to make the receive and send complete?