Nginx container exit 137 error - tcp4 bind: address already in use

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
Over night our EC2 instance was unreachable. I rebooted it, it is now online but we have a certificate error on the web page. Looking further at the issue I can see the nginx container has not started and is showing an exit 137 error.

            Name                          Command                State      Ports  
central_enketo_1      /bin/ ...   Up         8005/tcp
central_enketo_redis_cache_1 redis ...   Up         6379/tcp
central_enketo_redis_main_1 redis ...   Up         6379/tcp
central_mail_1                 /bin/ exim -b ...   Up         25/tcp  
central_nginx_1                /bin/bash /scripts/odk-set ...   Exit 137           
central_postgres_1    postgres    Up         5432/tcp
central_pyxform_1              gunicorn --bind ...   Up                 
central_secrets_1     ./gen ...   Exit 0             
central_service_1     ./wai ...   Up         8383/tcp

When trying to restart it I get this error

ERROR: for central_nginx_1  Cannot restart container 7f1fca516f69b99fa379b664e836f31aea44f769ce2cfdf71a928cfb51dba2aa: driver failed programming exter
nal connectivity on endpoint central_nginx_1 (0725789bd4ac6aec50769d44e86b7f8db139dac03a2022c134de8c5a2c247a7e): Error starting userland proxy: listen
 tcp4 bind: address already in use

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
It looks like something else is using port 443 but I can't locate it or it is not clear to me as this is not my area of specialism. I used this command to check. # sudo ss -tulnap | grep :443 and this is what came back.

tcp   LISTEN     0      511        *      users:(("nginx",pid=628,fd=9),("nginx",pid=627,fd=9),("nginx",pid=578
tcp   ESTAB      0      3192  users:(("nginx",pid=627,fd=15))                                      
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   ESTAB      0      0    users:(("nginx",pid=627,fd=14))                                      
tcp   FIN-WAIT-1 0      1                                                                         
tcp   ESTAB      0      4580  users:(("nginx",pid=627,fd=13))                                      
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   TIME-WAIT  0      0                                                                         
tcp   LISTEN     0      511                  [::]:443                [::]:*      users:(("nginx",pid=628,fd=8),("nginx",pid=627,fd=8),("nginx",pid=578

I'd really appreciate some help please as I am stuck. Let me know if you need more information


@Tony_Rafferty It sounds like this issue was resolved? For the benefit of the community, can you tell us what you did to resolve it?