No data when publishing to Google Sheets

He everyone,

I know this has definitely come up before but I just wanted to know what clear steps I should take moving forward.
I've just started having trouble publishing my data to Google Sheets. The cause is that my quota (100 writes) is insufficient so my Sheets are not getting any data. I was able to establish this from this thread:!msg/opendatakit/hnAARfOP6vk/wHQxOosdAQAJ


  1. I ensured that the Google Sheets API is enabled, described here:!topic/opendatakit/mX0n0aIbAdo

  2. And that "Disable faster background actions (exports, publishing, form deletion) (slows quota usage on Google AppEngine)" is unchecked, also described here:
    Problem-With-Publishing-to-GoogleSpreadSheet: Publisher-PAUSED

  3. I also submitted a request to Google to have my quota increased.

Just wanted to know what other steps I should take to fix this problem definitively.

Again, sorry for the redundancy of posting the same issue again.

Hi @SpaceTurtle! The only additional things I'd add is to enable billing and make sure that you have the latest version of Aggregate.

Oh, and when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here!