"no keyboard" appearence for field list

Hi to all,

Field-list is a really great feature :slight_smile:
But when the field list is quite long (filling all the screen height), some question are hidden by the keyboard which appears at the same time.

Is there a way to hide it, as a magic "no keyboard" appearance ?

Here is the actual screen (keyboard hides a question)

And what I would like to have :

For that particular case (prefilled value with metadata) I found a workaround but not for question lists with empty answers.

Thanks a lot.

No it's not possible... you would just prefer opening the keyboard manually, not automatically when the view is created?

Yes it is exactly what I meant :slight_smile: Did I miss an appearance option ?

No, you didn't, such an appearance doesn't exist. I moved the topic to Features category because I think it's something we should consider and maybe add in the future.

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Great, thanks Grzegorz !