Not allow duplicates

** 1. What is the problem? Be very detailed. **
I was searching and found nothing for what I need. I am looking for a validation to not allow duplicates. This is possible?

** 2. What application or server are you using and on which device and operating system? Include version numbers. **
ubuntu 16 central 7f1a375..778e65f v0.7 origin / v0.7 google cloud 8gb ram

** 3. What have you tried to solve the problem? **
Try with calulate and other solutions that I look for through py without being able to solve what I need

** 5. Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or records, attach below. **
As the example in simple access that I put in the image is what I need

Hola @Daniel_Alberto_Diaz

Sorry, I'm not sure I understood your question.
Are you trying to do some data cleaning on records you have already collected and transferred on your machine?


No, the question is ... if I can give you an option of not accepting repeated fields when I am in a repeat group

Hopefully this post is relevant:

That example is useful for something else that I have in mind, thank you very much. But that does not solve my problem. Attachment xls ... name: pc the field marked in yellow, I need not to repeat what they enter in that field
Relevamiento_de_PC.xls (33.5 KB)

Hola por lo que veo tratas de duplicar una IP lo cual es posible pero incoherente, ya que serán dos máquinas que tengan la misma IP y cuando trates de mandar algo no sabrás a cual enviar ya que ambas son iguales.

¿Lo que deseas hacer es no permitir en el campo de una columna de odk aggregate un valor repetido ?

Al contrario no quiero duplicar, y eso es lo que busco una manera que no puedan entrar datos duplicados.

@Daniel_Alberto_Diaz bien, una solución rápida y muy buena sería ir a base de datos para que ese campo sea único para ello si usas mysql y el gui de workbench dale la propiedad de unique a la columna

¿Te es util?